My beautiful parasol

Under the spring sun

it's here

100% Made in Europe

(France, Italy and Germany)

A committed and militant brand

Since its creation, Klaoos has chosen the path of responsible production for mankind and the planet. We favour textiles and recycled materials, as well as ecological and ethical manufacturing, in order to limit our CO2 emissions and promote the circular economy. Waste reduction is at the heart of our approach. 

100% Made in Europe

The manufacture of umbrellas and parasols requires the intervention of many trades: weaving, textile printing, metal work, sewing... If made in France is not entirely possible today, the entire Klaoos industry is located within a radius of 1000 km around our headquarters in Bordeaux in order to limit our carbon impact. A unique and high quality know-how so that our products do not become waste too quickly.

The love of beauty!

Klaoos takes on the challenge of creating objects that are useful, durable and stylish. Because it is urgent to stop over-consumption and to avoid offering products that break too quickly... but we have a cult of the beautiful object. We believe that premium quality can rhyme with design parasol or elegant and original umbrella. In short, with demanding and aesthetic consumption. So that tomorrow's world will be more sober but still colourful!