HIGH QUALITY: a reason for being at Klaoos

klaoos premium quality umbrella eco design



When we aim to produce a parasol or umbrella that is designed in the most environmentally friendly way possible, we also care about its lifespan.

Quality is a value that we cultivate: it is the result of our commitment to reduce over-consumption through sustainable purchasing over time.

The quality of materials and finishes

The materials used to manufacture a Klaoos are of the highest quality and 100% Made in Europe:

Fabrics Fabrics : we take great care in choosing the raw fabrics used in the manufacture of our products. Here are their characteristics:

  • Highly technical: our textiles are subjected to sometimes extreme weather conditions (strong sunlight, high heat, driving rain, hail, gusts of wind, salt spray...) and are selected to cope with them with the greatest possible reliability.
  • Excellent touch: the feel of our fabrics suggests great refinement for the umbrellas and their silk touch, a soft and supple texture for the beach umbrellas or a beautiful robustness for the parasols of patio.

DID YOU KNOW? Depending on the type of product, the fabrics are really different and have specific properties: more or less important resistance to water, lightness, robustness, resistance to tearing, flexibility, silkiness, UV filtration....

Structures Designed to last over time and resist repeated use, our structures have everything you need to guarantee the solidity of your parasol or umbrella. Here are their characteristics:

  • Very thick steel sheets and adequate diameters of the ribs to guarantee a better hold during use;
  • Treatment of parts that are particularly affected by humidity, for better resistance to corrosion.

Textile printing process Klaoos innovates in the use of the latest techniques and machines to guarantee brilliant colours, high definition of the prints, and high resistance to the sun (light fastness) and water (colour fastness).

Finishes Klaoos: the know-how involved in the manufacturing process is essential to offer an impeccable quality of finish. At Klaoos, we focus on the haute-couture of parasols and umbrellas!

  • Seams: sometimes fine and discreet, sometimes strong and sure, the seams of Klaoos products are beautiful and neat. Textile cut-outs to the millimetre give all our umbrellas and parasols the characteristic Klaoos curve, and ensure that all our designs are sewn together with the utmost care: a real work of art!
  • Small finishing pieces: laces, tips metal, no detail is neglected for a reliable result and an elegant look.